Recap of Scheduling Experiment

First, I’m not sure why I called it a scheduling experiment because I didn’t actually experiment with my schedule. The process did, however, give me key insights that helped me study for finals more effectively and will allow me to be more efficient with my time going forward.

One of the key takeaways, evident by my waking up by 8am even during Thanksgiving break, is that I’m a morning person. I’ve known this for a while but haven’t been strategic enough with this information until now. To most college students, that would mean scheduling 8am or 8:30am classes. I did that this semester, but for next semester I’m doing the opposite. I have all but one of my classes after 10am with four classes not starting until 4pm. I realized that being in an 8am class is a waste of my most creative, productive time that I could be using on actually studying for the class or working on one of my many side projects.

This same thought process goes for email. Most days, I used to check my email when I woke up and then several other times throughout the day. But rarely is an email ever that valuable or urgent. From now on, I’m going to try to wait until lunch to respond to emails, so I can spend more time on the stuff that matters.

One of those things I want to spend more time on is creating and sticking to a morning success ritual, a routine I start every morning with allowing for an energetic and positive day. My morning success ritual will start with meditation, a thirty-minute workout (something I’ve been terribly inconsistent with), and a solid breakfast. I really think this change will be for the better, and I can’t wait to see the benefits I can reap from it.


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